Dr Niklas Serning






My BSc and MSc in psychology are from Sweden. They are broad in focus and give me a solid grounding in working with adults, children and adolescents.
I have spent several years working with the United Nations, where I held senior positions in UNOPS and UNFPA – primarily operational roles in complex emergencies such as Afghanistan, Eritrea and Sri Lanka, but also more policy related work in New York and India. I
very much appreciate the efficiency and focus of the intense environments in my earlier UN career, and try to bring some of the resilience needed in that work into the therapy room.

I chose to return to psychology, doing my foundation and first year of training in the contemplative and mindfulness based core process psychotherapy training of the Karuna Institute in Devon. My continued training was with the phenomenological and existential NSPC in London, where I presented my doctoral dissertation on trauma, resilience and belonging amongst humanitarians in warzones.